Basel Travel Guide

Basel is situated in Switzerland along the border of France and Germany and is the third largest city in the country. The famous Rhien river runs through the city, splitting it into two sections however the city is compact and easy to navigate around and you will find a mix of business visitors, tourists looking … More Basel Travel Guide

Zermatt Travel Guide

Zermatt is Europe’s highest ski resort and it’s spectacular snowy village is situated near one of one of the world’s most photographed mountains – the Matterhorn which is the famous mountain that inspired the triangular shape and the logo for Toblerone! Tucked deep in the Swiss Alps and often overlooked by other bigger cities such … More Zermatt Travel Guide

Munich Travel Guide

Munich is the biggest city in the south of Germany and is a big attraction for all travellers, especially around Oktoberfest when the beer festival attracts thousands of tourists. The city has a historic centre with huge english gardens, lots of german food and art collections. Saving Money Tips | Munich Munich is fairly reasonable … More Munich Travel Guide

Geneva Travel Guide

The city of Geneva is located on Western Europe’s largest lake, lake Geneva, which is surrounded by the glorious snowy Alps. The highest mountain in the Alps, Mont Blanc can be seen from the city, there is something magical about the view of the lake and alpine mountains that will make you fall for Geneva, … More Geneva Travel Guide

Porto Travel Guide

Porto is the famous city in Portugal to get your hands on some delicious port wine however the city offers much more and is a true reflection of its country’s culture. It is arguably the most authentic city in Portugal, bursting with traditional values and stunning architecture. One of the main attractions is the Riverside … More Porto Travel Guide

Lyon Travel Guide

Lyon city is based on the hills at the joining of the Rhone and Saone River and is the second largest city in France. While exploring this fascinating city, it is evident to see its old history almost on every street. Spread over a narrow peninsula of both rivers, on the right bank of the … More Lyon Travel Guide

Santorini Travel Guide

From the moment you arrive on Santorini you will be blown away by the island’s striking beauty. The most romantic and picturesque of the Greek islands, prepare for a view worthy of Greek theatre. The volcanic history of the island translates into a unique spiritual quality. One of the main attractions on the island is … More Santorini Travel Guide