Geneva Travel Guide

The city of Geneva is located on Western Europe’s largest lake, lake Geneva, which is surrounded by the glorious snowy Alps. The highest mountain in the Alps, Mont Blanc can be seen from the city, there is something magical about the view of the lake and alpine mountains that will make you fall for Geneva, not to mention the gorgeous chocolates and cheese fondue you can find here.

Saving Money Tips | Geneva

You have been warned, switzerland is expensive, expect high prices for transport, food and everything in between. There are some ways to reduce the price but if you are on a tight budget, switzerland may not be for you.

  • Head to the supermarket – You will find supermarkets better value than eating out but they are still expensive in comparison to other parts of europe, however if you have your own kitchen you can cook in your apartment which will save you a lot more money than eating out, you can expect to pay 70 euro for two people for a meal out with a drink.
  • Bring your own – There are many picnic spots in Geneva, along the beach or in the parks to bring your own picnic, this can be romantic and a nice way to sit with friends and enjoy some nice wine, cheese, ham and salamis.
  • Airbnb – The hotels can be expensive but if you book airbnb in advance you can find some good deals, use of kitchen will save you money on eating out.
  • Book travel in advance – If you are travelling via train then book in advance, travelling is expensive in switzerland. If there is the option to travel via flixbus then this is much cheaper and sometimes quicker than the trains but they do not operate everywhere in switzerland.

Top Things to do | Geneva

Walk by Lake Geneva -The beautiful lake is a must see in person, a mixture of blue, green and aqua and the reason behind this is the glaciers from the French Alps are turquoise green and flow into the deep blue waters of the Rhone River, the two colours come together and it gives off a marbled effect.

Walk around Geneva Old Town- Explore the extraordinary shops, chocolates, fondues and beautiful quaint streets of Geneva, you can spend one hour or a full day walking around the old town.

CLIMB THE TOWER AT ST. PIERRE CATHEDRAL- The St. Pierre Cathedral is the church where John Calvin lead the Protestant Reformation and you can visit the top for the best panoramic view of Geneva and the water jet can be seen from here.

Learn how to be a watchmaker – There some luxury watch boutiques that will give you a workshop on how to disassemble and then reassemble a swiss watch, a great one is at Bucherer boutique.

Where to eat | Geneva

Ukiyo $$-$$$ – Ukiyo proposes true Japanese food, mainly based on ramen with rice or noodles. It offers several options from ramen, broth and udon served with toppings of your choice. The broth is full of flavors and everything was cooked to perfection, this is a great experience and the best japanese food we have tasted. We recommend the Wakame (seaweed salad) and the Japanese curry udon. The traditional deserts are special too, everything tasted authentic and you can tell each dish is cooked with love and passion. Definitely worth the visit for a true japanese experience.


The Hamburger Foundation $$-$$ –  Comfortable, cozy and delicious! The Hamburger Foundation has two restaurants and two trucks in Geneva city centre so whether you are on the go or want to enjoy a meal sitting down, there is always an option to get your hands on their delicious burgers. The story behind their success revolves around three guy’s passion and love for burgers and their ambition to open up their own place, serving what they know about best, a good burger! The Pâquis is based in the centre of Geneva which offers table service, cocktails and a cool urban outdoor seating area, great for friends to hang out. If you are lucky enough to eat here you have got to try the Founders Burger. Definitely worth the visit for a great burger experience with the best fresh and local ingredients.

L’Artichaut $$$$ – This restaurant offers great classic french cuisine, great food and pristine presentation, worth a visit for a special experience.

Where to stay | Geneva

Recommended Hotel –La Reserve Geneve Hotel & Spa $$$$ – A beautiful hidden getaway that provides professional and warm service. The Spa Nescens offers a relaxing and detoxing experience. The hotel offers dining at Tsé Fung, the black cod and aubergine paired beautifully with a bottle of Domaine du Paradis. Only ten minutes from the city of Geneva, this is a real gem, definitely recommended

Hotel Bristol $$$ – The hotel is located close to  the lake, train station and near the Mont Blanc bridge for easy access to the old town. All the staff are very  polite and helpful. If you can get an upgraded room this is worth the little extra money to find a great view looking over the lake.

Hotel N’vY $$ – If you are looking for a clean and modern hotel in a great locations this may offer you what you need. You will find easy transport links from the hotel and a great breakfast offering, you will find the price is reasonable for Geneva.


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