Bangkok Travel Guide

Bangkok is a crazy popular tourist place and is considered as the doorway to the aesthetic southern islands, which are undoubtedly a paradise for anyone who visits. Europeans who are new to the east will always find it very chaotic and polluted. Needless to say, Bangkok can be really exciting for first timers. The cheap and reasonable prices of the food and lodging, alongside the heaving nightlife are just a couple of reasons why Bangkok attracts a copious amount of tourists from all over the planet.

Grand palace

What to do?

The Floating market: A bit outside the main streets of Bangkok. The market is usually crowded because of the tourists and especially the visitors from Thailand itself. Overall, this market is a load of fun & the price range of the assortment of goods is both cheap and reasonable (haggle haggle haggle!)

A visit to Ayutthaya: Real beauty and just a short drive away! The splendor of this vintage place is the refreshing ambiance. Carry your camera, and put aside a full day to explore all of Ayutthaya properly.

Canal beauty: Bangkok is known as the “Venice of the East”. The Khmer Wats is something, which attracts a plethora of visitors to this place. The riverside abodes are a bizarre sight and one not to be missed!

The weekend market of Chatuchak: This weekend market is simply awesome. There are all total fifteen thousand stalls plus other entertaining features. The range includes fashion, foods as well as crafts and jewelries; Plus some miscellaneous goods that you probably wouldn’t believe if I told you!

Oooo look, a Tiger: The well-known Dusit Zoo is a very popular attraction of Bangkok. This Zoo is under the administration of the Thailand. It lies in the center of Bangkok under the administrative block and is covered by lots of other important buildings. There is a fine-looking train, which goes through the middle of the zoo; a ride in it is the most entertaining part of visiting the place of Bengal white tigers.

Sooo many temples: The temples of Bangkok give this city, its shades of ancientness and traditionalism. There are loads of temples in this city. There is nine to ten main temples range and they can be toured easily in one single day. The popular ones are the Emerald Buddha and the Grand Palace. The lesser known temples include the WatSakhet.

Places to stay

Luxury option includes the vintage hotel named Riverfront Mandarin Orientallt. This hotel is very popular, as it has welcomed lots of celebrities and political figures people from around the globe. Expect to pay from £295 upwards a night (14,850 Baht) to get 40 winks here.

Mid-range option would have to be the stunning Sala Arun. This beautiful yet reasonable hotel offers both bed and breakfast options for all types of visitors. The hotel has a great collection of famous artists’ paintings and charms from around the world. This should set you back around £75 a night (3,800 Baht).

My budget option is the beautiful Yard hostel. This is a real cheap hostel, which ticks all the boxes for budget travel. The other well-known hostels include Good Day Hostel as well as the popular Bodega Bangkok.

Where to eat? (You guessed it … the more $’s, the more it costs)

$ – Ama

This renovated restaurant is an oasis to eat before a busy day of exploring. Very chilled and laid back atmosphere, with a tinge of a hippy vibe (possibly just the barefooted wait staff). Free Wifi, good food & cold drinks, what more do you want for 150bht!

Pad Thai – 1 Dollar!

$$$ – Smokin Pug American BBQ

A charming little place that has to be called on if one has had too many curries. The portions are colossal, in true American style. Beware that staff are determined to stick with what’s on the menu and will not deviate from the menu. FYI, the pulled pork sandwich is heaven.

$$$$ – Le Normandie Restaurant at Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok

Just the best French cuisine with first class service, accompanied by a subtle attention to every detail from the moment you enter until you leave with a belly full of joy. The food is prepared by a Michelin star chef and served in a picturesque ambiance overseeing the river.

Thai Vegetables

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