Februarys Top Travel Tips

These have always been important rules to live by whilst on the road! They’ve helped me on countless occasions and continue to do so to this day, Enjoy!

  1. Keep A Journal from day 1.

It’s easy to be lazy and spend those hangovers watching mediocre TV, but you will end up regretting it. Keep a record of people you meet, conversations, and feelings about a new experience.

There is a great note-taking app called Evernote, this is a godsend for all kinds of applications — from planning trips to journaling about them later.

2. Stay (or get) fit.

Weather your indulging on a $2 curry in Thailand or pint after pint of Guinness in Ireland; remember to treat your body like the temple it is. Get enough sleep, stay hydrated, eat healthy and use sunscreen.

I will be posting regular blogs on bodyweight routines and running exercise you can do almost anywhere in the world along with the nutrition to go with them.

3. Stay connected.

Maintaining a strong connection with the people who know you best as well as new people you meet is important. Contrary to popular belief travel isn’t lonely. You constantly meet other people from all corners of the globe. But many of those relationships are momentary. A postcard is almost a vintage form of contact these days, but it is really a nice and personal touch.

4. Buy a Bag with wheels.

Yes, maybe once in a blue moon you’ll struggle over some crazy terrain and look like a tourist in trouble. But trust me, 9/10 times wheeling your bag instead of on your bag will be greatly appreciated by your lower back.

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