Milan Travel Guide

It may be the fashion capital of the world – but Milan does have that charm that takes some time to fall into. Milan is differentiated by the passion and glamour that it has, from opera to football and fashion. Milan in all honesty is not in the ranks of my favorite cities. While the city is worth a visit, get in…. See the sights…. And get back out! Have a read below for some money saving tips, the best things to do in Milan and a few spots to get some great food without breaking the bank.

Tips to save pennies:

Not using taxis: The taxis in Milan are quite expensive, with additional charges at night. It is more affordable to go with an alternate transport.

Making use of the Radiobus: The Radiobuses run until 2 A.M, with the maximum ticket price being 3 EUR.

Stay away from Station Square eateries: The restaurants near the Station Square are nothing more than overpriced tourist trips. Just half a mile away from this area, you will find less expensive and authentic food.

Things to do:

Catch up on some football: You can get tickets to any match at the San Siro stadium. Every football fan knows San Siro, one of the most popular stadiums in the world. Milan is home to two of the best teams in the Italy, Inter and AC Milan.

The Boat Tour: The canals of Milan are credited to Da Vinci, who came in 1482 after being called by the Duke of Milan for renovating their canal system.

Laze around in Parco Semipone: Parco Semipone is a mesmerizing area where you can walk around and relax in for hours.

Duomo di Milano: If you are making a day trip to Milan, then the Duomo is the place that you must go to. It is the 4th largest cathedral in Europe, after Rome’s St. Peter’s, London’s St Paul’s and the Seville Cathedral.


II Duomo Terrace: One of the best things that I did while in Milan was climbing on the rooftop of the cathedral. It gives you some fantastic views of the city, and gives you a chance to explore the architecture. Donating a good amount of money will even get you a church spire to yourself.

Take a shopping spree: If you want to spend a good amount of money or just look around, then the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele 11 is the place to go to. You can even buy a 12 EUR drink and watch the high society of Milan go about their day.

Sforza Castle: This castle is situated in the centre of the city, built in the 15th century by the Duke. It houses a number of priceless artworks, including the last sculpture made by Michelangelo and frescoes made by da Vinci.

Cheap Eats:


La Balena, Via Borsieri 28

If you want to grab a quick slice, then this small chain offers a zucchini blossom variety that is a must try. It even lets you chose your own pizza slice, since their pizzas are not sliced before. La Balena is the ideal choice to get a whole pizza, delivering a no-nonsense pizza pie as well- with some optional beer.


Quality Beef, Trattoria Della Carne,Viale Pasubio 8.

Quality Beef can turn even the simplest of burgers into a mouth-watering endeavor. The burgers of Milan have their own character, and this deliciously rich protein source is not your average fast food.

Sandwich or Panino

Panino Giusto(multiple locations)

This is where Milan takes its food up a notch- Sandwiches that are ideal for your Instagram or food blog, complete with salads, cheese and meats. This is once place that is crowded like anything at lunch!

Where to stay (Ranked on price $-$$$$$):

$ Marzo Hotel

If you are searching for a simple 2 star room with helpful staff and outstanding breakfast, then look no further than 22 Marzo Hotel. A spotless hotel, in a decent location for both transit and walking around Milan. It’s also on the bus line from the main train station, which means easy airport access.

$$$ – Hotel Spadari al Duomo

Quaint and well-located boutique hotel. Snug rooms well-appointed and chic decor. Awesome breakfasts too. Be sure to grab a bite from the close by gourmet shop “Peck” and the gelato shop on the other side of the hotel is a pleasure.

 $$$$$ Mandarin Oriental

A fantastic location within Milan, excellent facilities and the staff were friendly, efficient and courteous. The room was beautiful, comfortable and with a nice view too. Went to the pool area everyday for the four days we stayed at the Mandarin, very relaxing indeed! I’d definitely stay here again!

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